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Ballet Workshop II was founded in 1984 by Jo Anna Hopkins. The first Ballet Workshop was in Princeton NJ and was owned/operated by Madame Imogen Stooke Wheeler. Madame Wheeler studied ballet at the Marie Rambert School near London, England. Maestro Enrico Cecchetti, who developed the method of classical ballet, upon which the Workshop is based, was a teacher at the Rambert School. Mde. Wheeler studied with his successors.


The Workshop's classes are a balance between technical training through the Cecchetti Method's syllabi and artistic stimulus. Students navigate through the graded levels in small classes devoted to individual attention and artistic development. Exams, conferences and performances in the community are some of the experiences offered. Competition is left up to the individual student for personal growth only.

For more information google "Maestro Enrico Cecchetti" or go to

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